A Taller Tale…

Five thousand years have passed since gaming was outlawed. In fact, it was the first law and the only law given to the surviving peoples.

The world destroyed itself because the nations allowed their defense computers to play war games with other countries until one system decided to play for real. Needless to say, it cost billions of lives.

The inhabitants of the new world only knew peace and happiness, and their minds were purged of the remembrance of games. This new world was a paradise and not at all like C-53.

One day a young boy discovered a small cave among the ruins near the Sea of Tears. He looted a Tandy 1000, a copy of Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards on a 5.25 floppy disk, an MS-DOS manual and torn card that read, “Block Bu…”

The boy began to study!

It took him a year to learn how to hook up the PC, and he saw that it was good.  He declared himself, “3p1c.”

Another 5 years passed before he learned DOS, and saw that is was good. He declared himself, “3p1c l337.”

Ten years passed, and he finally got Larry laid, and he saw that it was good. However, something malevolent and hideous was born, and he declared himself, “3p1c l337 ub3r 5up3r r4d c00l dud3.”

Once again, the decline of another civilization had begun…



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